Parque Terra Nostra Wins a Traveler's Choice Award 2024


Parque Terra Nostra has been honored with the Traveler’s Choice 2024 award, presented by Tripadvisor, based on stories and reviews shared by platform users over the past twelve months. This recognition highlights Parque Terra Nostra as one of the world’s favorite natural retreats. It celebrates the recent investment in new infrastructures, enhancing its status as a premier botanical garden for visitors worldwide.

It is noteworthy that Parque Terra Nostra has added value to its botanical, touristic, architectural, and recreational components through the creation of new changing rooms, ticket offices, exhibition spaces, a shop, access points, and scenic nighttime lighting, as well as through the preservation of numerous plant species, some of which are endangered. This investment is now reflected in the opinions of Tripadvisor users, who emphasize the infrastructures' beauty, authenticity, modernity, and excellence.

Over the years, Parque Terra Nostra has continued to enrich its botanical heritage, which also contributed to receiving this award. Currently, it boasts large collections and gardens with plants of significant historical and cultural value, notably one of the world's most remarkable collections of camellias, with over 800 specimens.