São Miguel Terceira Faial

Imagine a place where whale sharks swim through crystal clear waters beneath you, dozens of devil rays swoop above, and curious blue sharks and huge pelagic fish explore the water with you.

This is diving in the Azores, a remote archipelago of nine islands that sit in the Atlantic just a few hours from mainland Europe and North America. Regularly voted a top destination by travel guides, this largely undiscovered paradise offers a huge variety of dive sites, rich in abundant marine life and full of once- in- a- lifetime experience. For divers, the volcanic geography, nutrient rich terrain, clear Atlantic waters (offering visibility at an impressive 30 meters) and remote location mean optimum diving opportunities.

Warmed by the nutrient-rich currents of the sub-tropical Gulf Stream, the unique geography provides the perfect home for a huge array of smaller fish as well as several large marine species.