Graciosa Island is a cozy island, full of windmills, grand houses and churches from the 16th century.

To discover Graciosa Island is to contour the green vines spilling over lava walls, and to observe the rolling hills with the white windmills, which make the perfect vantage point to experience magnificent views.

Graciosa Island exudes a tranquility almost separated from the rest of the world, and each vacation day is an invigorating pause in your life where you can easily get back to serenity.

The green vibrancy of the Caldeira, where Furna do Enxofre allows you to climb down the interior of an extinct volcano, where a mysterious underground lagoon lays 100 metres into the Earth. The white and red wines of Graciosa Island perfectly pair with fresh seafood and fish dishes as well as with the beef recipes of local cuisine. To top off your meal, there is nothing better than the traditional sweets and a glass of brandy distilled in old copper stills.

To vacation in Graciosa Island is a simple, healthy and calm experience. At the end, you will feel as if you are leaving a world where one can easily forget time’s existence.

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