Azores Islands

Azores Islands

The Azores Archipelago is easily accessible through mainland Europe and North America, but far enough to offer extreme relaxation away from the rest of the World.
Located between these two continents, the nine islands of the Azores are only a 4-hour flight from Frankfurt and from Boston, 2 hours from Lisbon and 3 from London.

The Azores Islands are still undiscovered compared to other sought-after destinations.  Even among similar destinations, these islands are located between two continents and are not well-known.  Some may recall Raúl Brandão called them: “The Unknown Islands.” And this may be a good thing.

The Azores Islands are one of the World’s best kept secrets.  Its location, which made the islands not that accessible in the past, is now seen as one of its advantages as it has helped preserve their authenticity.  National Geographic rated the Azores Islands as the 2nd World’s Great Islands for its Sustainability.  In fact, the Azores Islands are the perfect destination for those who seek a unique experience and want to go explore life’s essential roots.

From early on, the Bensaude Hotels recognized the uniqueness of the Azores Islands and have continued to sustainably develop tourism and preserve the “Azorean spirit.”
A prime example of this caring preservation is the Terra Nostra Botanical Park, which Condé Nast Traveler awarded as one of the world’s ten best “Green Retreats.” In February, Terra Nostra Botanical Park will have an active online presence, so you can keep up with the various collections for each Season of the Year. Inserted in the Park is the charming Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, with its art deco lines from the 1930s. A place you must see and experience for yourself.
These days, where you don’t find that many unspoiled places, the Azores Islands offer a breathtaking calming tranquility, unlike any other destination, in the comfort of the Bensaude Hotels.
A magical destination, a place of adventure we want to invite you to experience. Let go. You are in good hands...
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