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Blooming of the Camellias

The Camellia Collection at Terra Nostra Garden is renowned for its beauty and exclusivity.

With around 800 specimens of various camellia species and cultivars, it has been internationally classified as a "Camellia Garden of Excellence" by the International Camellia Society.

Enjoy the Camellia Blooming season by visiting Terra Nostra Garden and Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, where you can indulge in a variety of unique activities and exclusive experiences we have prepared just for you.

TN Special

Enjoy a unique stay at Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.

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Camellia Workshop | March 2

In-person workshop on the history, cultivation, propagation, and phytosanitary issues of the camellias at Terra Nostra Garden, featuring a hands-on session and a special masterclass.

Full Program.

Guided Visit – Camellia Collection | March 9

Discover the Camellia Collection through a guided tour led by Parque Terra Nostra Agricultural Engineer. 

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Special Wellness Treatment

The Japanese Camellia is one of the active ingredients in Ignae products.

The TN Wellness Place has prepared a Spirulina Lifting & Detox Facial treatment, specially designed with your well-being in mind.

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Camellia Velvet Cocktail

Experience this exclusive themed cocktail at The Gardener Bar & Terrace.

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Unique Tasting Moments

Visit the TN Restaurant and the TN Sushi Bar and experience the Chefs’ unique creations, where the Garden’s Camellias take center stage and are the special ingredient.

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Virtual Tour

Explore Terra Nostra Garden’s Camellia Collection through a 360º botanical voyage and get to know the main corners and some curiosities about the different species and cultivars.

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