Terceira is one of the Azores Islands of the most historical heritage. It was here that the old ships coming from the East and America docked full of gold, silver, textiles, pepper and cloves and many more riches, which made Angra do Heroísmo a living and historical the island capital.

Terceira Island
Here you can explore monuments and beautiful views, visited every year by thousands of tourists. [...]
Gastronomy of Terceira Island
» Alcatra » Sweets » Wines and liqueur [...]
Golf in Terceira Island
» Terceira Golf Course » Bensaude Turismo has partnered with Marc Amort Golf Academy. [...]
History and Geography of Terceira Island
Terceira Island owes its name to the fact that it was the third island to be discovered, since the translation of “Terceira” is “third”, although initially it was called Jesus Christ Island. Terceira was populated around 1450 by Jácome Bruge [...]
Walking in Terceira Island
Terceira Island has three pedestrian trails: the Serreta Trail, the Mistérios Negros Trail and the Monte Brasil Trail. » The Serreta Trail – begins and ends in the Freguesia da Serreta and goes through a narrowing trail, filled with several [&hel [...]
Points of Interest in Terceira Island
» Angra do Heroísmo » Monte Brasil » Algar do Carvão » Furnas do Enxofre [...]
Traditions and Festivities in Terceira
» Sanjoaninhas Festival, with lots of music and celebrations throughout the night, this is the biggest festival of the Azores, exemplifying the cheerful character and hospitality of the local people. » Touradas à Corda, consists of a bullfighting [...]
Whale Watching in Terceira Island
On Terceira Island, as it happens in the rest of the Azores islands, Whale Watching is very common. You can observe the well known Sperm Whales, as well as other species of whales, dolphins, turtles, other marine species and sea birds. [...]
Other Activities
» Diving, fishing, scuba diving and hunting, favored due to the abundance and variety of fish on the coast of the island. [...]
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