São Jorge

Long, narrow and mountainous, São Jorge Island is famous for its cheese and other dairy products.

Its fajãs (flat surfaces that slide as a result of lava flow and landslides from the cliffs) defy Mother Nature and infuse this island with a willful identity.

Typical of São Jorge are the small settlements surrounding the coastline, on the base of the tall and lusciously green cliffs, sprinkled with waterfalls of various heights. Some of these villages are still populated today and their only access is through steep and vertiginous trails, also used by mountain climbers, in search of a little adventure.

Widely known is Fajã do Santo Cristo, sought after because of its peculiar waves for practitioners of surf and also for those who are looking for peace and solitude in this small and exclusive paradise. Santa Cruz and Velas are two towns, full of cultural heritage and where you can still breathe in the fresh air from the mountain and the sea.

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