The most western of the islands, Flores Island is considered to be the most beautiful one in the archipelago.

Rich in natural beauty, Flores offers an incredible sightseeing landscape, charming and peaceful.

With seven crater lakes, numerous waterfalls in the hills surrounded by clearings and protected by tall mountains walled with hydrangea, the all-around beauty makes us feel so small next to the grandiosity of Mother Nature. Rock formations, carved by erosion make up the most interesting shapes.

Caves with unique volcanic history wait in silence for the most adventurous visitors.

The coast is full of tips, steep at times, painting the island in an unusual shape from above, surrounded by islets in the southwest.

Sea and land activities are the most sought after on Flores Island: from whale watching, diving, boat rides around the island and to Corvo Island nearby to walking trails allow for the exploration of the most isolated corners of this island.

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