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Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico

Landmark Hotel in Ponta Delgada

One of the most iconic hotels in Ponta Delgada, well-known for its prime location close to the historical center, the Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico faces the marina and boasts amazing ocean views and easy access to the best attractions of São Miguel.

Latitude 37.740992
Longitude - 25.660903

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Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico

Av. Infante D. Henrique 113 
9500-150 Ponta Delgada – Portugal 

Reservations Office

Opening hours (UTS -01:00): 
Monday-Friday: 8h30-19h00 
Saturday + Bank holidays: 8h30-17h30 (12h30-13h30 break) 
Sunday: closed 

Sales Department

Lisbon (Sales Office): +351 213 243 623
Azores (HQ): +351 296 301 868

Flight info

NYC Ponta Delgada 5h50
Boston Ponta Delgada 4h40
Toronto Ponta Delgada 5h40
Lisbon Ponta Delgada 2h30

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