Faial Island in the Azores is a historically important port of call for all sailors who cross the Atlantic Ocean.

It is home to Peter’s Café Sport, one of the 10 most symbolic bars in the World, a living homage to maritime history, as it was the location where sailors exchanged communications and letters when they crossed the ocean once upon a time. In addition to its world-famous Gin Tonic, Peter’s Café Sport houses a museum, known for its scrimshaw (whale bone carvings).

The town of Horta, capital of Faial, is also a cosmopolitan center due to the Dabneys, an American family of merchants, which resided here for almost one century and whose companies were linked to submarine communication cables, connecting the US and Europe. Employees of these companies left a social and cultural imprint, still visible today through the Colónia Alemã (German Colony), an architectural example in the center of Horta, reminiscent of another century.

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