Activities in Lisbon

Other activities in Lisbon
» Fado: Old or new, the fado represents the Portuguese soul, it is the song of Lisboa, and in each word you uncover the history of a brave and daring nation, which ventured the oceans in search of new worlds. […] [...]
Traditions and Festivities of Lisbon
Festival dos Oceanos 2010 The Oceans Festival is back in Lisbon between July 31 and August 14, with an edition devoted to the commemoration of the centenary of the Portuguese Republic, which includes several events, to animate the Riverside Area [&he [...]
Points of Interest in Lisbon
» São Jorge Castle, with one of the best views of Lisbon at the highest hilltop of the city center. [...]
Walking in Lisbon
» Baixa Chiado: discover the monumental charm of Lisbon.  Go up the elevator of Santa Justa, and arrive at the ruins of Convento do Carmo, the only Gothic monument in Lisbon which survived the destructive earthquake of 1755. » Bairro […] [...]
History and Geography of Lisbon
It is thought that Lisbon was founded by the Phoenicians around 1200 B.C., based on recent archeological finds at the Sé de Lisboa and in São Jorge’s Castle. Between 719 and 1147, Lisbon was conquered by the Moors (from North […] [...]
Gastronomy in Lisbon
» Acorda de Marisco, Pataniscas de Bacalhau com Arroz de feijão and the Peixinhos da horta (Garden Fish – despite the name, they are made with green beans). » Sweets: Pastéis de Belém, also known as pastéis de nata. [...]
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