Hotels in Azores and Lisbon


The Bensaude Hotels in the Azores Islands are the obvious choice for those who strive for an incredible vacation at a unique destination. With Hotels on São Miguel, Terceira, Faial Islands and in Lisbon, we offer the comfort you would expect from someone who really cares about you. In the Azores Islands or in Lisbon, look for one of our Hotels and let yourself be mesmerized by our attention to detail, stemming from our history which begins in early 1900s and which we have been refining ever since.


This may explain why the name Bensaude is equated with the art of serving others throughout the Azores Islands. If you are spending your vacation in the Azores Islands on São Miguel, Terceira, Faial Islands or in Lisbon, find a Bensaude Hotel and intertwine the thrill of discovering a one-of-a-kind spot with the ultimate comfort experience that only Bensaude can provide.



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