São Miguel

Known as the Green Island, São Miguel is also the largest of the Azores Islands and the most visited by travelers who have chosen this Archipelago for a getaway.

Out of the nine Azores Islands, S. Miguel is the one which gathers the highest number of attractions, allowing visitors to discover a little of everything Azorean.

São Miguel Island is known for its natural wonder, namely Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake) and Sete Cidades Lake – one of 7 Wonders of Portugal, Furnas Valley – one of Europe’s largest thermal hydrological sites, where Terra Nostra Garden nestles, one of the Azores Islands’ ex-libris, Planalto dos Graminhais, Ponta da Ferraria (where you can experience an ocean dip in warm waters), tea plantations of Porto Formoso and Gorreana or Ribeira Grande Waterfall, as well as various beaches where the average water temperature is delightfully pleasant year round.

As the economic capital of the Azores and where over half of the population of the archipelago resides, São Miguel Island is a culturally diverse island, sure to please several audiences. Museums, live entertainment and artistic performance venues with regular programming offer visitors the ability to experience Azorean history and tradition in a multitude of ways. Ponta Delgada is the main town on São Miguel Island and walking through its streets, one can explore and discover interesting details from the combinations of architectural styles.

In addition to the many restaurants, bars and night life all over town, you can also explore Azorean gastronomy at Ponta Delgada’s pier Portas do Mar, as well as shops and entertainment.

It is also on São Miguel Island where you can find most of the Bensaude Hotels, namely Hotel Marina Atlântico, São Miguel Park Hotel, Hotel Açores Atlântico (all in Ponta Delgada) and Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in Furnas Valley, a lush art déco property enchanting visitors with an exclusive experience of sheer well-being. Come explore São Miguel Island and take a little piece of the Azores Islands with you!

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