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Access and usage of all Bensaude Group websites are at the user´s responsibility, and must comply with the Privacy Policy and the Portuguese Law.  The Bensaude Group may change this Privacy Policy, and it is the user´s responsibility to read and be aware of these changes every time they access the Group’s websites.  This Privacy Policy is valid for all Bensaude Group websites, including the Bensaude Shipping Agents Website.


It is forbidden to use any software or application that may interfere with the normal functioning of the Bensaude Group websites, as well as to use any application, automatic mechanism or manual process to monitor or copy any pages, without the agreement and prior consent of the Bensaude Group.
The contents of all Bensaude Group websites, including brands, logos, text, images and others, are owned by the Bensaude Group.  The download, reproduction or forwarding of these contents for non-commercial goals are forbidden and cannot be changed, without the prior and written agreement of the Bensaude Group.  Contents are protected by national and international laws of protection of the Intellectual and Industrial property.
The user may print any part of the content of this website only if it is not changed, whether it is for personal or non commercial use, and if the source of the information is indicated as well as author rights, and if any other indication of property is not removed.
Some parts of the websites may contain images with copyright rights.  All trademarks in this website are the property of the Bensaude Group.


The information included in these websites shall be used only for generic purpose, being its usage of the user´s exclusive risk and responsibility.
The contents included in the Bensaude Group websites might contain some errors.  The Bensaude Group may at any moment without warning, modify or correct parts of the information.
The Bensaude Group websites and their contents are provided without any guarantee of commercialization, no infraction of third party rights and adequation for a specific purpose.  Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the access to these websites happen with no interruption, no errors nor virus, or that the information included in these websites is complete or precise.
The Bensaude Group does not previously filter or monitor the content transmitted to these websites by a third party.  The Bensaude Group may investigate any allegation that the content included is against the Group websites Privacy Policy and, if necessary, eliminate that information.
The Bensaude Group does not assume any responsibility or obligation of any action or content forwarded by the user or between the user and a third party, inside or outside the Group websites. The user must agree not to forward to these websites any illicit content.  The Bensaude Group will always cooperate with the authorities in the application of the law, by providing the necessary information to help identify or locate the person(s) who forwarded that content.

Responsibility, Usage and Risk

The Bensaude Group, all its managers and employees, as well as any other party involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of its websites, will not be responsible regarding any user, for any possible damage caused by the correct or incorrect operation of these websites and their contents, or the access to the user’s computer by a third party, virus, or any other issues.
The Bensaude Group Websites may have links to third party websites.  These links are provided with the purpose of convenience and accessibility of the user.  The Bensaude Group is not responsible for the content of any of those websites.  Visiting those websites is at the user’s discretion and responsibility.
It is forbidden to use this website and its contents in any illegal manner or any other manners that may damage the Bensaude Group’s image.
The user is also forbidden to create or introduce in these websites any kind of virus or programs that may cause any damage and also to suggest or induce that practice to other people, under the risk of prosecution.



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