Terra Nostra Garden Hotel – One of the best worldwide hotels


“ One of the best worldwide hotels chosen by Studiosus Clients”


Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is the only hotel in Portugal which received this award in 2013!
This award was given out during Lisbon’s Tourism Expo BTL 2014 in Lisbon by Studiosus Reisen, a German tour operator who works with hotels worldwide, to Destination Management Company Agência Açoreana de Viagens, their partner in the Azores Islands.
Studiosus Reisen gathered client surveys, where hotels were rated in categories such as Location, Comfort, Service and other variables. This is a Quality Award, an overall result of their client ratings regarding Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.

This award joins the honor given by Olimar Reisen at ITB in Berlin, which every year gives out awards to hotels they work with in the destinations they service, whether in Portugal, Spain or Italy, and by categories, keeping in mind client satisfaction, sales and partnership with the tour operator. In 2013, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel ranked 1st place in the Landscape & Nature category.

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