Winter in the Azores

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Winter in the Azores


The Azores Islands are the perfect destination for a much deserving short break and can be visited year-round. Winter in the islands can offer an array of possibilities for visitors, and even if they’re not the most obvious, they are equally captivating, but oh so different from any other destination.  


Visiting the tea plantations of Porto Formoso and Gorreana, the thermal baths you can experience all over S. Miguel Island, as well as the trails and pedestrian nature walks are only some of the options the Azores Islands can offer you during your stay. The Azores Islands exude this allure over people and we have gotten used to these amazing breathtaking views and crave the magic of the most secret nooks on each island.


This winter, discover one of the trendiest destinations of 2017 and take advantage of the special promotional deals Bensaude Hotels is offering now, like the Winter Special, the Azores Island Short Break or the 2-Island Special.  Discover enchanting spots in the Azores archipelago during the coldest months of the year and turn this perfect short break into one of the biggest adventures of your life.

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