Walking in São Miguel


In São Miguel Island, there are several pedestrian trails available, as well as specialized companies who offer this type of activities.

Suggested Trails:

» Rocha da Relva Trail – this narrow trail excavated within the cliff leads us to the “fajã” of Rocha da Relva, where we can observe a great number of typical cellars  by the coast, facing the sea, encircled by small fig-trees, vineyards, and vegetable gardens.

» Salto do Prego Trail – situated in Faial da Terra, walk through wild nature, through bushes, incense trees, and  acacia trees, and end up at a gorgeous waterfall, the Salto do Prego.

» Mata do Canário Trail – located in Sete Cidades, this is a trail that passes through a zone classified as Protected Landscape and where we can appreciate the different angles of the panoramic sight of Sete Cidades Lakes.

» Furnas Trail – gives you an overall idea of the lush beauty of Furnas Valley, where the delicious and famous Cozido das Furnas is cooked, under the earth.  We can also see the 19th century church of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias, gothic style, at the edge of beautiful Furnas Lake.

» Other trails to explore – the Agrião Trail, the Pedestrian Passage of Serra Devassa and the Nascentes da Rocha de Santo António (Springs).

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