São Miguel

São Miguel is a culturally diverse island, sure to please several audiences. Museums, live entertainment and artistic performance venues with regular programming offer visitors the ability to experience Azorean history and tradition in a multitude of ways. Ponta Delgada is the main town on São Miguel Island and walking through its streets, one can explore and discover interesting details from the combinations of architectural styles.

São Miguel Island
First, the crater lakes capture us wholeheartedly. Elected as one of Portugal’s 7 Natural Wonders in 2010, Sete Cidades Lakes is a cocktail of green and blue waters. Lagoa do Fogo or Fire Lake gives you Mother Nature’s drama with its lava and o [...]
Gastronomy in São Miguel
Cozido das Furnas has a unique flavor because of the way it is cooked – buried in the hot volcanic soil, it stews slowly with the heat of the earth for six hours.  Linguiça with inhames (Linguica with Yams), Lapas […] [...]
Golf in São Miguel Island
Bensaude Turismo has partnered with Marc Amort Golf Academy. With headquarters in Southwest Germany at the Schloss Langenstein Country Club and in Spain at Lehmi House, this academy runs in Portugal during the winter months, more specifically in [...]
History and Geography of São Miguel Island
The exact date of São Miguel Island’s discovery is still controversial. Some say it was between 1426 and 1439, although some geographical maps of mid-14th century already mention the existence of the archipelago. Diogo de Silves did the recognitio [...]
Walking in São Miguel
In São Miguel Island, there are several pedestrian trails available, as well as specialized companies who offer this type of activities. Suggested Trails: » Rocha da Relva Trail – this narrow trail excavated within the cliff leads us to the [ [...]
Whale Watching in São Miguel Island
Whale Watching has been widely developed in São Miguel Island, as the Sperm Whale, dolphins and other cetaceans exist in large numbers and are easily detected close to the coast.  The observation of turtles, sharks, and sea birds also happens [&hel [...]
Other Activities
Practice diving in unique settings, such as Feteiras, Ponta da Galera and Ilhéu de Vila Franca. [...]
Traditions and Festivities São Miguel
Santo Cristo dos Milagres Festivities is one of the biggest celebrations in the archipelago, which takes place this year between May 29 and June 2st.  On Sunday, there are processions around the city center with colored tapestry made of flowers [&he [...]
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