Faial Island has mesmerizing and spectacular views, from vantage points such as the volcanic hill Monte da Guia, the large crater Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo to the peculiar moonlike landscape of Capelinhos Volcano, birthed from the most recent eruption on the islands, a must-see for all who visit.

Faial Island
Faial Island, with spectacular views from Monte da Guia, Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo’s large crater or the lunar landscape of Capelinhos volcano, from its recent eruption which created a new islet are must-see stops during your visit to the island. [...]
Gastronomy of Faial Island
The gastronomy of Faial Island is rich in Seafood and fish, with crabs, slipper lobsters, swordfish, tuna fish, Fish Broth and fish fillets with ferrado sauce.  Other recipes include the morcelas de porco (pork blood sausages) and the molha de [&hel [...]
History and Geography of Faial Island
It is believed that the discovery of Faial Island was made in the first half of the 15th century, and initially the Island was called in some atlases of the time “Insula de Ventura”. [...]
Walking in Faial Island
There are three pedestrian trails on Faial Island: the trail of Rocha da Fajã, the Capelo trail, in the Capelinhos, and the Caldeira trail. » Rocha da Fajã Trail – it starts and finishes in Praia do Norte and passes […] [...]
Points of Interest in Faial Island
Points of Interest » Horta is the urban center of the island and a port of shelter for many recreational yachts that cross the Atlantic Ocean.  The city has a colored marina, because of the paintings left by sailors as […] [...]
Traditions and Festivities of Faial
» Festas da Semana do Mar (the Week of the Sea) » Festas do Espírito Santo (Holy Ghost Festivals) [...]
Whale Watching in Faial
Faial Island is a privileged center for the observation of Whales and Dolphins of different species, due to its geographical location, in the center of the archipelago, close to Pico Island, in front of a corridor of passage for cetaceans […] [...]
Other Activities
Bicycle rides Paragliding [...]
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